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How do I add photos to my existing Photo Gallery on WordPress?

  1. Once you have logged in to WordPressusing your username and password, click on the "Gallery" button.
  2. Choose the "Add Gallery/Images" option.
  3. Choose the Galleryfrom the drop down menu that you want to add the images
  4. Choose your files to upload(pick as many as you want)
  5. Click "Upload Images"

Manually chane of code (Header)

Bei a new Installation the number of the menu item frequently-asked-questions shold be chnaged manually in the header date "heade.php" in the theme fokder

  1. theme
  2. frequently-asked-questions
  3. heade.php

What are Posts?

Every peace of code, image or video are called post, Post are organized in categories like:

  1. Products
  2. Pages
  4. und so on.

How to reorder the posts?


Blogs page is haschanged how to fix it I add animage topreface is not showing. deleated the image page back to normal.

we need to add some extera lines to trems and conditions.such as Buyers and Sellers responsibility and sellyourrug.co.au will not accept any responsibility.sellers have to rightthe correct information abiut their items


Hi Hamid

Fees' Change

Hi Dr, changes as follows.

option  1 is our original page,

option 2: One of payment of $ 1450.00, as annual fee for membership, suitable for businesses

with unlimited upload and advertising.

option 3: pay as you upload 4 photos for each rug that is uploaded at $ 12.50 per upload.


Thanks for changes

Thanks Hamid

Good morning