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Fees / Payment Methods

Preliminary remarks:

The following provisions govern the relationship between:

Before you upload your rug or rugs to our website please read the following information about how we will charge you carfully.

We offer you three payment methods to make your rug selling process very convinience.

    Standard option. pay us when you sell.
  • Uploading your items to our website is free
  • When you sellyour rug over our website we will charge you as followed:
  • For a Rug sold up to $5000.00 AUD Dollar we charge a fee of 10%
  • $5000.00 AUD to $10000.00 AUD 7.5%
  • Any item sold over $10000.00 AUD we charge a fee of 5%
    One annual payment of $2250.00 AUD, as annual fee for membership.
  • Suitable for businesses with unlimited upload and advertising.option
    Pay as you upload 4 photos for each rug that is uploaded at $ 14.50.
  • Suitable for almost every one

Note: Fees will be reviewed annually and subject to change.