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Hand made Persian and Oriental carpets have been sold in Australia for over six decades and around the World for centuries. It is always challenging to buy or sell valuable floor covering such as Persian or Oriental rugs, if you are not femiliar with the product, the value of it and don't know the market. A lot of people in Australia and around the world inherit valuable carpets and don't know enough about what they possess, how to get expert advice and how to convert their rugs into cash.

We have been involved in marketing,retailing, importing and research of valuable carpets for over three decades. Our website is designed to guide owners to determine value of their carpets and help to sell them if they choose to. It also helps rug dealers to get better exposure and the public to have easier access to carpet dealers and retailers. We offer periodic educational updates for private buyers and sellers, to help them identify genuine, real handmade rugs from fake or machine made products.

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