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Our goal is to help you to sell your rug fast, fair and easy online. We help you with all questions around online selling. Just send us a message if you have any question

 Our goal

 Our goal

 Our goal


Get an idea about your rug price!

It is very hard defining price for a rug even for an expert in the field. If you do not know how much you rug is worth.
Just look at price guidelines, Auction houses, and local rug dealers. Do your Homework before setting any price on your Rugs!
Or simply contact us.

Turn your rug into cash!

Ready to turn your rug into cash?
Keep in mind majority of buyers online are looking for bargains. Usually, it is a good idea to get expert opinion.
We are always here to assist you.

Ask us to get the right price!

Remember, if you have a high quality and artistic rug, you can get top money for your rug in any market!
You can not believe how many people selling their valuable rugs cheap or asking too much for a cheap rug!

Our Work


We believe actions speak louder than words.